Levitra can help even

  • patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction
  • with diabetes
  • with atherosclerosis
  • with damage to the nerves going to the vessels of the penis
  • with spinal cord injury and other concomitant clinical conditions
  • people taking a number of medications at the same time, etc.

But, unfortunately, all types of erectile dysfunction drugs in this group are not able to cure. In any case, before taking any medications, you need to consult your doctor.

What are the types of Levitra

Levitra can be roughly divided into 2 types - this is the Levitra brand and Levitra Generic. It should be noted that these names are only conditional. In the understanding of many people, the Levitra brand is Levitra, which is presented in most pharmacies. But if you look a little deeper ... Let's see how the Levitra brand differs from Generic Levitra.

Levitra® by Bayer

Levitra from Bayer is the first Levitra to be released, and there is an association in the minds of many people that Bayer is Levitra. In fact, this company is the world leader in the sale of Levitra and other pharmaceuticals as well. But in addition to Levitra from Bayer, Levitra is sold in local pharmacies of each country under other brand names, and as a rule, such Levitra is usually called the original.

The place of production of Levitra® is Germany. But let's figure out the composition of Levitra® and Generic Levitra and find out how they differ.

Levitra Generic

Generic Levitra has an identical composition with Bayer's Levitra, the active ingredient in both types of Levitra is vardenafil. The drugs can differ by the place of production, shape, color, and name. Levitra Generic is produced mostly in India and the manufacturers of this Levitra do not spend a lot of money on advertising and promoting the brand and occupy a more budgetary niche in the Levitra market. Generic Levitra is usually called an analog of Levitra. But the composition and principle of operation do not change due to this. The price of Generic Levitra is usually less than the Levitra brand, which is why the generic version is so popular.

What Conclusion Can Be Drawn

It can be concluded that Levitra® and Levitra Generic are almost identical products. And each client decides for himself what to buy. As in any other industry, there is a certain gradation of prices for the same product. Levitra is no exception, and every man who wants to buy Levitra can choose an option for himself in a different price category. And the result will be good in any case, persistent erection and confidence in your masculine strength.

Pros of Levitra

    • Levitra can be combined with alcoholic beverages without changes in the mechanism of action, and also without harm to health. But it should be remembered that alcohol abuse is one of the most common causes of impotence.
    • In the case of taking Levitra, all kinds of side effects are less common. Vardenafil works in very low dosages - 5-10 times less than that of Viagra or Cialis. Therefore, the manifestations of side effects are minimal.
    • The active ingredient of Levitra is absorbed and enters the bloodstream very quickly. Therefore, Levitra, like Cialis, starts working within 15-20 minutes after taking it.
    • Vardenafil does not affect reproductive capabilities - sperm composition and sperm motility remain unchanged.
    • Levitra is not addictive when taken for a long time.
    • The effectiveness of the drug has been proven in erectile dysfunction caused by vascular atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus.
    • It is possible to use this drug with fatty foods. A small amount of food rich in fat will not affect the efficacy of Levitra in any way. And when using Viagra, for example, it is recommended to exclude such a meal a few more hours before taking the drug.
    • Levitra has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of both partners.
    • There is such a form of release of the drug as a sublingual capsule. This generic drug is called Levitra Soft. It differs from others as it is not intended for oral administration, but for sublingual. This promotes the rapid absorption of the active substance into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach.
    • The amount of the main component of Vardenafil in Levitra® is 20 mg. The dosage of generics can be 10, 20, 40, and 60 mg.
    • In India, one produces combined drugs, such as Levitra Super Force, for example. Where the main components of which are vardenafil (20mg) and dapoxetine (60mg).

Cons of Levitra

    • The drug is contraindicated in cases of diseases of the cardiovascular system and after a stroke.
    • Levitra has a negative effect on the PDE-6 enzyme, which is responsible for color perception.
    • All drugs containing vardenafil have a higher price than other erectile dysfunction drugs. Therefore, not everyone can afford such pharmaceuticals.
    • There are 2 more popular brand names of this medicine - Staxyn and Vivanza.

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Numerous studies have shown that men who recruited their sexual partners to erectile dysfunction treatment were much more motivated. And they were absolutely satisfied that they shared this problem with their partner.
The age of termination of sexual activity in men is on average 45-60 years. 37% of men stop having sex before the age of 60, and this is done on the initiative of men themselves in 70% of cases. Risk factors are obvious: 63% drink alcohol, 50% smoke, most have an increased body mass index.
On average, in Asia, men are slightly less sexually active than in Europe, but not all countries have the same sexual activity in the respective age groups. In Japan, for example, 44% of men are sexually active over the age of 80, which cannot be said about other countries.
As a result of the European study MSAM-7, which involved more than 14,000 men 50–80 years old in 7 countries, it was found that the average number of sexual intercourse in men 70–80 years old is 3 times a month.
One of the features of LEVITRA is the rapid onset of action. According to the ONTIME study, after taking LEVITRA, an erection sufficient for intercourse is achieved within 10 minutes in some men and after 25 minutes in most of them.
Specially formulated generics for women, such as Female Viagra and Female Cialis, have been produced by some Indian pharmaceutical companies for several years now. But somehow they are not in hurry to create Levitra for women.
Synthetic underwear is extremely harmful to the health of the penis. It directly affects the potency and quality of sexual life. The more often you wear synthetics, the less often you get an erection. Alas, this is so …
Bananas increase immunity and enhance the sexual power of men. The fruit helps to normalize libido, reduces stress and anxiety. Need the desired effect? Eat at least 1 banana every day. Think of it as natural Levitra.